About Nice Day

Nice Day Developments, is a ‘land development’ construction company whose focus is ‘on residential and commercial buildings’. Established in 1996 by businessman and collector Dakis Joannou and his son Christos, the company places emphasis on ‘quality buildings of unique and outstanding architecture’ on aesthetics and the mobility of contemporary lifestyles. In certain cases our designs are selected via a process of architectural competitions.

Nice Day Developments has concluded over 60 projects including award winning projects like our Prince Project that has been awarded the Cyprus State Architectural award for Residential Buildings 1998 ,  Nice Day Tower that has represented Cyprus in The European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture  Mies van Der Rohe  Award (which is granted every two years to acknowledge and reward quality architectural production in Europe) as well as the beachfront complex the Elysian Gardens which was awarded the international CNBC awards of 2009 as the best Cyprus and European Development. True to its spirit of encouraging exceptional architectural projects, Nice Day has just completed a high-rise tower in the centre of Nicosia commissioned / designed by Pritzker award-winning architect, Jean Nouvel,namely the White Walls. White Walls has been named Best Tall Building of Europe 2016 by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH).

Architecture is one of those cultural elements which document society’s creativity, which bear witness to successive technological, aesthetic and social changes and to a common experience of habitation. The ways of living, the ways we perceive our needs and wants of habitation, are now changing on a personal and a collective level.

In recent years we have witnessed a rebirth of architecture which is restored at the core of cultural interest. More and more people, in more places around the planet, realize that architecture is a major factor in social evolution. 

Based on this dynamic, Nice Day Developments has striven, since its inception, to systematically encourage Cypriot architects from different “schools” and generations who share an internationalist outlook in their work, and to multiply the opportunities for the realisation of outstanding architectural projects. It is our belief that an enhanced architecture can enhance our cities which, with a parallel improvement in infrastructure and social services, can become liveable, friendly, attractive and, above all, creative, thus promoting social and cultural development.

Nice Day Developments
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