Nice Dream

A mixed use development located in the Central Business district of Nicosia,  on Themistocles Dervis Avenue aspires to become a point of reference in the broader urban fabric of the capital. This ambition should not be taken as a sign of narcissism, but one of faith in the idea of otherness. Having as main features a dynamic but simple formal composition on the one hand, and a strong dialectic relationship between materials and colours on the other, the building incorporates a new type of office architecture into the existing urban structure.

The three vertical office forms, dynamically structured at the periphery of the building, with reference to the vehicle exits of the plot, give the impression they are suspended over the transparent arched base housing the shops from which they are separated by an open, low floor for the electromechanical systems. This impression of lightness is further reinforced by the contrast and alternation between perforated elements or transparent materials and compact and opaque ones in vivid colours. Modern materials widely used in office architecture, such as composite aluminum panels and fire-proof glass, are combined with wood, a material that has always been familiar to the human senses, to establish a dialogue between the scale of the building and human proportions.

The shop takes up the ground floor of the building and the mezzanine, creating a single space which can be organised in many different ways. Its composite glass façade offers a view toward the city. This element is made up of glass panes providing three different levels of sun protection. The offices above the shop take up one entire floor each, with the exception of the office on the highest floor, which extends to three inter-communicating levels. The highest level gives access to the single-level, custom-designed roof garden.


The building – Description

This multi-storey building is composed of three basements where the parking spaces and the store-rooms are located, the ground floor with a shop and the mezzanine, 6 floors offices and 6 floor with apartments and one floor with mechanical and common garden areas. 

 Structural specifications

Frame:  The frame of the building will be of reinforced concrete and steel frame.

Some of the interior walls will be constructed of gypsum boards (dry partitions) and some of brickwork. The finish coding will be from Peletico. 

Roofing -Waterproofing- thermal insulation: 
Light weight concrete and insulation with tar paper sp thickness 4 mm on the roof. Thermal insulation with extruded polystyrene 70mm thick will be installed.

Light weight concrete screed for ceramics and marble and grated concrete for the raised floor. 


Three coats of emulsion on interior walls in general. Three coats of emulsion and spatula on interior ceilings. Three coats of emulsion for outdoor use on exterior walls. Emulsion for outdoor use and spatula on exterior ceilings. Oil paint on the metal surfaces of railings. Oil paints in general will be applied in three coats (primer, undercoat and finish).

External works

General earthworks and concreting works for the shaping of exterior spaces. Construction of public pavement at the entrance to the building. Construction of public pavement at the building’s entrance.

External façade: The building externally will be cladded according to the architectural drawings.
 Gravity plumbing system consisting of copper pipes with a minimum diameter of 15 mm, sewage/drainage, drainage gutters on the terrace for rainwater. Water tanks at the basement sending the water to the roof and hot water supply system from central heating system with independent circulation pump for each apartment.

Mechanical works: 

Central under floor heating system for each apartment. Artificial ventilation for interior lavatories/bathrooms. Split-unit provisions for every shop and provisions for VRV system for the offices with the installation of the necessary piping, electricity supply and compressors.

Electrical works

In general electrical parts of European manufacturer. At least 35 free plug sockets to be included for each apartment and six television points. Each office floor will consist of 30 floor boxes, each one consisting of 4 power plugs and 2 structural cabling points. Alarm system, centralised fire detection system, structural cabling, A' quality video-phone system, electrical element in the water heater. In the kitchen all fitted appliances will be wired inside the walls by a heater switch, and there will be supply points for two ovens, an electrical hob, dishwasher and washing machine, extractor and refrigerator.


 Installation of two 8-person panoramic Mitsubishi elevators with an alarm system in case of emergency.  Internal cladding from stainless steel and concealed roof lighting.

Metal works
Anodised aluminium windows and doors with double glazing.  Galvanized frames. Metal railing for the stairwell, verandas and the terrace. 

Wood works
Internal doors, wardrobes and bathroom benches with HPL laminated boards. Kitchen benches and wall units with MDF lacquered finish. Entrance door of the apartment to be ½ hour fire – resistant with timber veneer finish. The bench tops will be of techno-granite.

In general:  Letter boxes will be installed in the hall of the building, one for each apartment. A lighting rod will be installed on the roof.

The information in pdf format is a printer friendly file containing a brief description of the building, the plans to scale, the areas, the location map and the specifications. This file can be printed on A4 paper. For more detailed information please contact Nice Day Developments and request the brochure. VIEW PDF ATTACHMENT

Ground shop K1 125+60 3 SOLD
Shop K2 83+42 2 AVAILABLE
Ground Shop K3 110+55 2 SOLD
1st Office 101 314 24 1 Storage room 5 SOLD
2nd Office 201 298 40 5 AVAILABLE
3rd Office 301 298 40 3 AVAILABLE
4th Office 401 314 24 1 Storage room 5 SOLD
5th 501 298 40 5 AVAILABLE
6th 601 298 40 5 AVAILABLE
7th Garden+ Gym Common Area
8th APT 801 143 42 3 1 AVAILABLE
8th APT 802 104 42 3 1 AVAILABLE
9th APT 901 143 42 3 2 SOLD
APT 902 104 42 2 1 AVAILABLE
10th APT 1001 143 42 3 2 AVAILABLE
1002 104 42 2 1 AVAILABLE
11th APT 1101 143 42 3 2 AVAILABLE
APT1102 104 42 2 1 AVAILABLE
12th APT 1201 270 67 4 2 AVAILABLE
13th APT 1301 270 67 85 4 2 AVAILABLE
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